Adults (Individuals & Couples)

Creation of the unique therapeutic space is part of what heals. A space that feels safe, honest and accepting allows the work in therapy to be done. The direction, pace and content of our sessions being set by you, we will work collaboratively to help you achieve your therapeutic goals in a way that fosters self-care. Caring well for yourself means identifying and giving yourself what you need. Therapy can help you do that.

I am committed to providing direct feedback and empathic care based in theory, research and experience.


Families may find themselves wanting to work through an issue in a neutral place. In this case, the family is the client and is typically seen altogether. The need to heal, explore, plan or resolve conflict may bring a family to treatment. My approach to family care is to identify family dynamics, facilitate healthy expression of feelings and thoughts, and aid the family in processing their presenting issues through adaptive means of communication and collaboration. I work with nuclear, extended, and separated/divorced/step families, traditional and non-traditional.